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A Smiling Dream Come true

For years and years, I always covered my mouth when I laughed, smiled, and spent minutes looking the mirror to make sure my smile (or most of the time closed smile) looked good before taking a picture. I never thought I would have a great smile. When I went to Dr. Gerlein, he was so attentive to my every need and concern. He knew exactly what to do, and I trusted him wholeheartedly. The process was so easy to go through, and he and the rest of the staff helped guide me to success through every appointment. Everything exceeded my expectations! I never had to wait long when I got there, and the amount of time the appointments would take was always accurate to what they estimated. The end result was a beautiful smile on my face. Something I never thought possible happened, a dream come true! I looked in the mirror, and almost like the reactions you would see on one of those make over shows, I cried. For the first time in my life, I said to myself I have a beautiful smile. I called my Mother and cried on the phone because I was in such disbelief. Now I smile all the time, I laugh without covering my mouth all the time, and I show my teeth with confidence! Thank you Dr. Gerlein and Staff. I will never forget you and everything you have done for me!

— By Melanie K.

Best in the DMV!

Dr. Gerlein and his staff are the absolute best in the DMV Metro Area! I’ve been trying to find an ortho that really takes the time to help me and he’s surpassed my expectations greatly. Gail is the sweetest and I even had a welcome sign with my name when I walked in. I’ve never had a more pleasant experience as I’ve had with Dr. Gerlein and his staff. I’m so excited to see my new smile in 6 months!!

-By Cierra M

An Exceptional Team Led by an Expert.

Outstanding! Dr. Gerlein is an exceptional orthodontist: an expert with a very pleasant personality (how rare is that?), always on top of the case, excellent chairside manners, accommodating, always with a smile, always providing explanations (at all levels) while maintaining patience, projecting a very pleasant and easy-going yet serious persona, sincerely supportive and inducing a positive atmosphere all around. He is supported by a team of equally dedicated, caring, kids/patient oriented, very professional and equally pleasant and nice assistants and office front-desk personal. The assistants have been with the office for a number of years which makes this group an extraordinary team as they all work together, attending very professionally to each individual patient. Every person in this office is a pleasure to interact with. We never had to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen and always are treated in the most professional yet caring manner. Having all the medical records on the office network of computers makes the communication instantaneous and seamless.

—By Anonymous


I am still in awe of the amazing experience we had this morning at your office. In a nutshell, it went like this…..

Apprehensive child has no problem getting braces with the warm care of incredibly personable and warm staff. Mommy fires up laptop to efficiently and peacefully work in the “lounge”. Vases filled with Gerlein paraphernalia galore! Beautiful paint colors envelop and tasteful art beautifies senses! Newly-converted child leaves office but not before stripping off shirt and adorning new Gerlein Orthodontics t-shirt.

Truly surreal. We all are followers.

— By Anonymous

Great care, great team

A very pleasant experience. Everything – from the initial phone call, the office, exams and follow ups – extremely well done. My daughters are looking forward to their appointments! The entire staff is courteous, professional and friendly. Hats off to Dr. Gerlein for assembling such a great team.

— By Rina H.

Love Gerlein’s Office

Visit after visit, we can expect the same high level of service: a prompt schedule that never keeps us waiting, friendly staff who engage our children, highly professional service with clear communication about our treatment, and an atmosphere that’s an oasis of calm in our day. Oh, and did we mention happy straight teeth? Love Gerlein Orthodontics.

— By Emma V.

The Best

Dr. Gerlein and his staff are superb. The combination of extraordinary technical skill and attention to detail and a warm, welcoming environment can’t be beat. Hard to believe, but they make having braces (almost) fun! We are thrilled with the outcome.

— By Eliora

LOVE this practice!

Dr. Gerlein and his wonderful staff made my sons’ first visit to the orthodontist a pleasure, something to which they will now look forward rather than dreading. He very thoughtfully created a chart for my younger son laying out the various appointments he would need, how long each would take, and what would happen at each appointment which made my younger guy very comfortable. The staff is lovely and go out of their way to make a visit to the orthodontist as pleasurable experience as possible.

— By Anonymous

Who Says it can’t be Fun too?

Our entire family loves Dr. Gerlein. Clearly so do his staff. A few minutes with Dr. Gerlein is a dose of fresh air, sunshine and just plain feeling good. And that’s before you even get to orthodonture! I really believe our kids have been more attentive to their retainers because they’re so fond of him and don’t want to disappoint him. Office visits are always easy in and out. Dr Gerlein and his staff make certain that you understand the treatment plan, the timing, the expense. They’re a wonderfully operating team. Remember, “You want to go where everybody knows your name….” And they sure do.

— By Moses S.

Fantastic Practice!

After hemming and hawing for over 20 years I finally decided to pursue orthodontia. My treatment is part of a plan that involves jaw surgery. After meeting with Dr Gerlein, I knew I would be in the best hands and could comfortably proceed with my treatment. At 52 years old I am finally taking care of me – I only wish I has started sooner. Dr Gerlein and his staff are kind, gentle and patient. I highly recommend their office for both children and adults!

— By Anonymous